Benefits of coaching

Since Coaching has such a wide spectrum - from business, career, relationship, health etc., the benefits are manifold - with differences in focus and emphasis depending on which area is being coached. Having a coach at your side whom you trust and who genuinely cares about you and your happiness - is a huge support mechanism in reaching personal and or business goals.

  • Unlocking potential 
  • Supporting the client to identify Personal Mission Statement (intrinsic values - purpose in life).
  • Supporting insight and clarity into subject matter
  • Helps client remove blockages - finding a way forward
  • Challenges client's assumptions to provoke new ideas & find new possibilities
  • Supports client with goal setting and planning
  • Develops client's decision making and self-discipline abilities in managing progress and accountability





Helen is a great listener during our coaching it was possible to talk about God and the world and important things in life.  Helen raised my awareness of how I could remove obstacles standing in my way.  I found our sessions interesting and motivating.


Best Wishes,  Trang Le

Siemens AG, Power and Gas Division Solutions 

Helen set the foundation for trust and understanding in our coaching sessions, both in private and business areas, which gave me the courage to speak openly about sensitive areas in my life. Thanks to Helen´s support and guidance I am more self-aware and learning to love myself. I find that I have become more confident and ready to accept responsibility for my decisions.



Merck Darmstadt

Many thanks Helen for the great support and motivation you gave me during my Business English language coaching with you.

In particular my writing and intercultural communication skills have greatly benefited from your coaching.

I will certainly recommend you to my business partners!


Stephan Helmrich, 

Project Management

Siemens AG , Power and Gas Division Solutions

My personal coaching with Helen was very inspiring for me.

I learned about myself, my deep insights and what really matters to me.

This helped me a lot to write my personal mission statement and supported me in making good decisions for my personsal work-life balance.


DF,  Project Management

Siemens AG, Power and Gas Division Solutions